Leather Connolising

"Restore or change the colour of your Leather Interior"

Ferrari F355 gts

Complete leather interior re-connolised

Now you see me.....


AWG offer a fully mobile Leather Repair and Connolising Service. Not only will your Leather Seats look and wear better, your car will maintain a higher value and be easier to sell.


We specialise in improving leather seats. Often we can return them to as near perfect condition, using the technique known as connolising, which is more affordable than replacing with new leather.


From Vintage to Classic, and from nearly new to new, leather car seats can often wear or become damaged, especially driver seats from harsh materials such as denim. Repeated rubbing prematurely wears leather. Staining from clothes caused by dye transfer, can and does affect lighter coloured leather, and scratches caused by pets, keys, buttons or fastenings can have a negative impact. The beautiful interiors on prestigeous 4 x 4 such as Range Rovers, Porsche and Mercedes are prone to wear.


We match your colour and finish using the latest techniques, using the very best quality leather coatings available to bring your leather back to life and protected for years to come.


Areas of high wear such as seat bolsters can be recoloured and restored in hours and at your premises, often to their original look. Cracks, Cigarette burns, scuffs and even rips and holes can be repaired.




Now you cant!

This seat belongs to a very nice Mercedes SL. The owner found it difficult to sell with the hole. As soon as the seat was repaired, the very first person to view the car, bought it.


One very happy customer!


For further information, please give us a call or, if you prefer, email us with photographs.

Cracked leather restored
Bolster repairs from £65

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