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AWG Valeting has built a strong reputation among a growing number of domestic and commercial customers based on trust, service quality and competitively priced solutions.

Price List

Service Standard car Larger car, 4 x 4 , SUV's

Mini Valet

inc. hand applied waxed finish

from £45 from £55


Full Interior valet only

(inc. extraction shampoo)


from £95 from £115
Seats only from £55 from £65
Carpet only
single £16
from £55
from £65

Head lining, sun visors

(spot cleaned by hand)

from £20 from £30


Using o3 Gas generators to remove bacteria, viruses, pathogens and smells


from £40 from £45  
De-odourisation from £25 from £35  

Leather clean

inc. Protection cream

from £55 from £75  


Great Value Valet Deals

Mini Valet - 2 car deal from £40 each

Mini Valet:

  • Exterior Pre-Wash, HOT SnowFoam Wash inc. Alloys
  • HOT body wash and rinse
  • Exterior Dried
  • Exterior Glass Cleaned
  • Interior vacuum of carpet, mats, upholstery
  • Dash, Centre Console, Door Cards Cleaned
  • Interior Glass Cleaned
  • Tyres dressed
  • Door Shuts Cleaned
  • Spray wax finish


 Standard car: from £40 each  - 2 car deal        Large car from £50 each - 2 car deal

Part Valet from £95

Part Valet: As our Mini Valet with the added benefit of the following:

  •  Exterior paint work hand polished

recommended for new or perfect cars.

from: £95


Add dual action machine polishing

from: £85


Add clay bar for a superior finish from £60 (highly recommended)


Add the application of hard Canauba wax

from: £60

Standard Valet from £195


As our Part Valet with the added benefit of

Dual Action Machine Polishing and

the application of Hard Canauba Wax.


Save £45 with this package

Add clay bar for a superior finish from £60 (highly recommended)

Large Choice of Full Valets - call for details

Full Valets: Our FULL valets range from just £175 to £595


We have a varied selection of Full Valets to suit the requirements of our clients and their cars.


Please call for details.

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