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Legal notice - Terms and conditions

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Autowash South East Limited t/a AWG Valeting & Detailing


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Tel: 020 8123 7980


Terms and conditions:


Use of the site
Using our websites or placing an order indicates your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Please read them carefully.

The submission of an order form or by telephone will be treated as an offer by you to purchase services or goods from us subject to these terms and conditions.
The prices on this website refer directly to specific services or products and the terms quoted. Note Each service is priced individually. The final price offered is calculated by the following criteria:
Vehicle age, size, condition and Location. Weekend and out-of-hour appointments will carry a surcharge.
While we are happy to perform the service requested, additional services may be required to achieve the desired results you the client require. If any misleading information is given at time of order, or the condition of the vehicle is understated you will be charged at a rate determined by our detailer or valeter and charged accordingly.
Any change in service or product will also incur an additional cost. All outstanding monies for additional services, must be paid on completion or they will be debited to your card.
All vehicles are checked by our detailers and valeters before they leave site. We invite you to check your vehicle before they leave to confirm your satisfaction of the performed service and that no damage has occurred during the service.
In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with any aspect of the service, our detailer or valeter will be happy to rectify them. Due to the nature of the business we are unable to accept claims once our detailer or valeter has left site.
Autowash reserve the right not to start a service if any misleading information has been given, or you have failed to inform us of any legal or health and safety issues. Autowash opperate a strict health and safety policy.
Autowash and their employees accept no liability for any injury or claim resulting from any of the services offered, either during or after the completion of the contract.
Your Location
Authorisation or permission may be required by the Land/Car Park owner to allow Autowash to enter private land to valet your vehicle. In such instances it is the responsibility of the client to obtain permission, authorisation or a parking permit or permit to work, from the Land Owner, car park or any other location Autowash are asked to work. The client will also be responsible for any fines, parking or fixed penalty tickets issued whilst onsite. If any vehicle owned or operated by Autowash is clamped, disabled, or towed whilst onsite,  the client will be responsible for ALL COSTS INVOLVED in the release of our vehicle.  
Autowash will not be held responsible for any of the above in relation to the clients car.
Terms and Payment
Autowash only accept payment by card at time of booking. Autowash are unable to reserve bookings until full payment has been made. Further more the customer acknowledges that any payment/deposit is non refundable and that any money paid will be forfitted if the booking is cancelled by the customer. The customer can  postpone a booking with 48 hours notice without lfinancial loss.
The customer also acknowledges that should they miss there appointment for what ever reason, Autowash will make a charge equal to the sum already paid. Please ensure both you and the car are available for your chosen booking date. Autowash will allow a booking to be tranferred to an alternative vehicle of similar size and condition.
Please note that certain services may not be available during adverse weather conditions. Prices shown are for guidance only, and do not include vat.
Gold Card Membership
Priviledges of membership are restricted to the member only and are not transferrable without the written consent of the company. The privileges are only valid whist the member has unused credits. Membership will be renewed automatically using the original card, when one credit remains. All details of used/unused credits are held by the company. The use of the 'scratch back' is for the convenience of the member. It does provide proof of remaing credits. All relevent information is held by the company. Members will receive a 'Zero' invoice for each valet for their records. The companies decision is final.


Validity: All credits remain active for a maximum period of 12 months from date of purchase. Any unused credits can be re-activated at a reduced cost.
Personal Items
You the client are expected to remove your personal items from the vehicle prior to our detailers arrival.
Autowash and their employees cannot be held responsible for items left in the vehicle. Our detailers are instructed to remove items from the vehicle and treat them as unwanted, to enable them to carry out the service as requested.
If you are in doubt, remove them from your vehicle
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