Fleet Cleaning

large or small, we clean them all

Your fleet may be 5 or 500 cars and or vans. Perfect. AWG have the infrastructure and processes in place to be able to handle such contracts in a realistic time frame.


Our operations team would be delighted to receive such enquiries. We all look forward to receiving your opportunity.

Arcus choose AWG

1st Impression

Fact is we only ever get one opportunity of making a great first impression. Why risk having a dirty fleet when arriving at that all important client. Arcus, the maintenance division of Sainbury's

chose AWG to maintain their modern fleet of over 200 vans.



Fleet Specialists

Pro active

AWG are able to schedule fleet cleaning cycles to suit the client, 24/7 although we do like to have Christmas day off!



Hire Vans by the hour

24/7 cleaning

AWG understand the wheels on your company vehicles need to keep turning. If that's your issue, no problem. We offer 24/7 contracts




Accidents can and do happen, we all know that. Leaving that accident untreated in the car can effect the business opportunity. Bottom line, it could influence a potential client to buy or not. That effects your bottom line. 


AWG are on call to remove such accidents leaving the car clean and smelling fresh. Business can be challenging with ever increasing competion. Now's the time to "clean up"




Which would you prefer to sit on?

Which would you say your potential client would want to sit on?



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